“Hoard dramatically improves program performance through its more efficient use of memory…and low synchronization costs.”

Lin & Snyder - Principles of Parallel Programming (Addison-Wesley)

“…use Emery Berger’s excellent Hoard multiprocessor memory management code… it is very fast on multiprocessor machines.”

John Robbins - Debugging Applications for Microsoft .NET & Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Press)

To improve memory management performance (with multiple threads), consider an open source alternative such as Hoard…”

Johnson Hart - Windows System Programming (Addison-Wesley)

“… Hoard is especially efficient in multiprocessor environments.”

William von Hagen - The Definitive Guide to GCC

Using the Hoard allocator fixed memory fragmentation and let us run a 6TB RAM genomic assembly job (largest bulk assembly every completed)¬†which was intractable without the use of Hoard.”

Brian Couger - SGI

“We are achieving a 6 fold performance improvement with Hoard.”

Olivier Wall - British Telecom