[Hoard: No Speed Limit] Hoard is a fast, scalable, and memory-efficient memory allocator that can speed up your applications. It’s much faster than built-in system allocators: as much as 2.5x faster than Linux, 3x faster than Windows, and 7x faster than Mac. No source code changes necessary. Cross-platform: works on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Download Hoard now!


Hoard can be downloaded directly from the Hoard GitHub repository.


Companies using Hoard include Fortune 100 companies like Cisco Systems, high performance analytics companies like TIBCO, and major international companies like SAP, Tata, British Telecom, the Royal Bank of Canada, and Crédit Suisse.
[Hoard: Commercial Users]


“Hoard dramatically improves program performance through its more efficient use of memory…and low synchronization costs.”

Lin & Snyder - Principles of Parallel Programming (Addison-Wesley)

“…use Emery Berger’s excellent Hoard multiprocessor memory management code… it is very fast on multiprocessor machines.”

John Robbins - Debugging Applications for Microsoft .NET & Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Press)

To improve memory management performance (with multiple threads), consider an open source alternative such as Hoard…”

Johnson Hart - Windows System Programming (Addison-Wesley)

“… Hoard is especially efficient in multiprocessor environments.”

William von Hagen - The Definitive Guide to GCC


Hoard has been released under the Apache 2.0 license.
The original Hoard algorithm is described in this technical paper; that version also inspired improvements made to the Mac OS X memory allocator. However, the modern version of Hoard has evolved considerably since its initial release, and today's Hoard is much faster.